Carbon and Graphite Products

Carbon and Graphite Products

DTEC Supplies custom made Carbon Seals, Carbon Face parts, Carbon Shaft Sleeves and Carbon Bearings in (Resin Impregnated and Metallic Impregnated Grade) by using Schunk Grades (West Germany) with prompt delivery.

We also supply Mechanical Carbon Blanks (Resin Impregnated and Metallic Impregnated Grade).

Graphite has the good property of good resistant-corrosion, high thermal conductivity and lower friction, good self-lubrication, and smaller expansion. They can be made into the seal faces, bearings and so on. It is ideal to choose it as the frictional rings and bearings.


Carbon-graphite have a fine or very fine particle size and can have a very high degree of an isotropy due the axial process. They are made of amorphous carbon and graphite. These materials are designed with specific properties in terms of tribology and electricity which can be reinforced through impregnations with resins or phosphates.

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