Industrial Ceramics

Industrial Ceramics

DTEC Supplies high Alumina Ceramics seal faces from 95% to 99% Alumina as per below datasheets. 

This Ceramic ware parts are specially developed for chemical plant seal face applications and other similar applications in which corrosive attack is likely to be particularly severe.

This material has been subjected to extensive and rigorous laboratory testing to determine the effects of various reagents/chemicals on surface finish. The stability to acid of components made from this material has been determined to be within 0-10mg mg/cm2.

Product Specification

 UnitAI2O3 - 99%AI2O3 - 97%
Hardness Vickers 1kgkg/mm220001900
Moduls of ElasticityGPa330280
Fracture toughneesMPa*m1/23.83.5
Fracture Strength (MOR)MPa330320
Compressive StrengthMPa26002300
Thermal Expansion (CTE)10-6/K8.28.0
Thermal Conductivityw/(m-K)3026
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